Autoexec help

This is the page that was viewed and used by far the most on the old website. This page contains a lot of useful commands that can be used in an autoexec. Please note, that there are a lot more commands which can be used in an autoexec, but I think that these are the most important and most useful ones.


  • If you have general questions about the autoexec, like “How do I create an autoexec?”, check out the autoexec and config Q&A page, where some questions are answered already. If you don’t find a solution for your problem, please ask in the comments below, I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.
  • One group of commands not explained on this page are the crosshair commands. There is an extra page for that, so if you are interested in crosshair customization, check out the crosshair help page!
  • Also check out the Useful aliases, toggles and binds page. It contains some more complex stuff for your autoexec that I wanted to list seperately.

Now lets start with the commands. This is going to be a long list. Below you see some links, click on them to jump to that section of this page. Also, you can use your browser search to search for a key word. Usually you can open the search with the F3 key. Every new cvar is highlighted in this color, so you don’t miss a new explanation.

Let’s start with probably the most important command.

You need to add this command at the end of your autoexec, else your
autoexec will not work properly. You also need to make sure, that your
config.cfg is not set to read-only. For some reason the autoexec is
loaded before the config.cfg when launching the game, that means the
commands you put in your autoexec will be overwritten by the commands in
the config.cfg. By adding the host_writeconfig command at the end of your
autoexec.cfg, you're telling the game to overwrite any commands in the
config.cfg with the ones that are set in the autoexec.cfg. This is why
it's important, that the config.cfg is not read-only.


Rates … This is a pretty tough topic. Let me be perfectly honest here: I’m not an expert when it comes to rates, so a huge thank you goes to /u/blackretina on reddit for the explanation for cl_cmdrate and cl_updaterate. I probably can’t describe it anymore beginner-friendly. In case you only play on VALVe’s official servers, the standardrates are fine and you don’t need to adjust them, but at the same time it doesn’t hurt to set them up anyway.
Still looking for a better explanation for cl_interp and cl_interp_ratio, but I simply can’t put it into words. If you’re willing to help, contact me!

cl_cmdrate - Allowed values: 10 - 128
cl_updaterate - Allowed values: 10 - 128
The maximum number of world updates that can be received is set by
cl_updaterate. A world update is an input to a frame and therefore
requires that the CPU can process an equivalent amount of frames to
affect the changes for every world update. The command cl_cmdrate
determines how many 'user command' packets are sent to the server. These
packets send user inputs from a frame, so the client is unable to send
more user commands/second than frames/second. Setting these values to 128
will ensure the highest possible values for a server are used, thereby
reducing latency. Reduce these values to reduce choke encountered due to
insufficient bandwidth capacity. When these commands are set to 128, they
are automatically adjusted when playing on 64 tick servers.

rate - Allowed values: 500 - infinity
This describes the maximum download bandwidth CS:GO uses, in byte per
second. Do NOT use a lower value than 80000, unless you have a very slow
connection, like DSL 384 or DSL 768. If you do set this to a lower value
while having a good connection, you WILL give yourself a disadvantage! If
you have a good and stable connection, set this to 128000.

Just set this to 0 and don't care about it. If it's set to 0, servers
will automatically set the perfect value (at least if they're set up the
right way).

cl_interp_ratio - Allowed values: 1 - 2
If you have a good stable connection, use cl_interp_ratio 1. If you
experience loss (can be seen on the net_graph), set it to 2.


Let’s head over to the fps_max and net_graph commands …

fps_max - Allowed values: 0 (= unlimited) / 59 - infinity
This command just caps the fps at the value you entered. For example, if
you entered 100, you will "see" a maximum of 100 fps. Setting this to 0
will result in the cap being disabled otherwise the minimum value is 59. I
recommend setting this to 130, maybe 150 if you use an 144Hz monitor.
Anything above these values is simply pointless and only good for bragging

fps_max_menu - Allowed values: 0 (= unlimited) - infinity
Pretty much the same as fps_max, with the exception that this only applies
to the main menu, when you're not connected to a server. Valve added this
command at some point, so lower end machines don't have to go full power in
the menu already. DO NOT set this to a lower value than 10, or it will
become very hard to choose anything in the menu, as everything starts
lagging, because, kinda obvious, only 10 fps are shown.

cl_showfps - Allowed values: 0 / 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 - Image
If the net_graph (explained below) contains too much information for you,
this command might be what you want to use. Setting it to 0 will disable
the command (default value). 1 will show you only the fps in the top left
corner. 2 and 4 will give a a much more smooth display of your fps, but it
will also show you some other stuff (That again, in brutal honesty, I have
no clue of) and 4 will also save some stuff to a file in your CS:GO folder.
3 does not show you your fps, again just some other stuff. Like with the
rates, any help on this is MUCH appreciated!

net_graph - Allowed values: 0 / 1 (/2 / 3 / 4)
Setting this to 1 will enable a bit of information to be shown to you. This
information contains your current fps, your ping (not latency), choke, loss
and information about the performance of the server. In an update on April
23rd, 2014 the net_graph was modified a bit, so you can now see how stable
your fps are (var). net_graph 2, 3 and 4 contain even more information, but
can't be used unless the server has sv_competitive_minspec 0 set, which
isn't the case on all Valve Servers and any other properly set up server,
as some information on these net_graphs can be used for "cheating".

net_graphheight - Allowed values: 0 - infinity
This defines the starting position of the net_graph display (in pixels).
For example, if you use a value of 500, the net_graph is shown 500 pixel
above the bottom of your screen.

net_graphpos - Allowed values: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 - infinity
Setting this to 1 will display the net_graph on the right side of the
screen, 2 will display it in the middle of the of the screen, 3 will show
it on the left side. Anything above the value of 3 will define the exact
starting position from the left side of your screen. The higher the value,
the more the net_graph will move to the right side of the screen.

net_graphproportionalfont - Allowed values: 0 / 1
The normal size of the net_graph can be pretty huge, depending on your
resolution. Setting this command so 0 will make the font WAY smaller,
probably too small for lower resolutions.


On May 1st, 2014, a few commands to customize your HUD were added. Older commands from the misc section have also been moved here. The radar commands added in April of 2013 were also moved to this category.

hud_scaling - Allowed values: 0.5 - 0.95
Changing this command will alter the size of your HUD (Radar, ammunition
and health display, killfeed, chat, etc). 0.95 is the default value, which
is the biggest size.

cl_hud_radar_scale - Allowed values: 0.8 - 1.3
In addition to the command above, this command alters only the size of the
radar. 0.8 is as small as it gets, 1.3 as big as it gets.

cl_hud_playercount_pos - Allowed values: 0 / 1
If set to 1, the player count that includes the round timer, score and
player avatars will be moved from the top to the bottom of your screen.

cl_hud_playercount_showcount - Allowed values: 0 / 1
If set to 1, the player count will not display the avatar of each player.
Instead there will be one avatar on each side with the T and CT logo and a
number showing how many enemys are still alive.

cl_hud_color - Allowed values: 0 / 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10
As you probably guessed, this changes the color of HP, armor, money, ammo
and mapposition on the HUD. 0 = default, 1 = white, 2 = light blue,
3 = dark blue, 4 = purple, 5 = red, 6 = orange, 7 = yellow,
8 = light green, 9 = turquois, 10 = pink, comparison image.

cl_hud_background_alpha - Allowed values: 0 - 1
Sets how transparent the background of HP, armor, money, ammo and
mapposition is. You can choose any value between 0 (= fully transparent)
and 1 (= as non-transparent as it can be). Note: Even if set to 1, it will
always be a bit transparent.

cl_hud_bomb_under_radar - Allowed values: 0 / 1
When this is set to 1, you will not only see if you have the bomb in your
loadout on the right side, but also under the radar.

cl_hud_healthammo_style - Allowed values: 0 / 1
The bars right next to your HP and armor display will be hidden when this
is set to 1.

cl_radar_always_centered - Allowed values: 0 / 1 - Image
When this is set to 1, which is the default value, the dot representing you
on the radar is always shown in the middle of the radar. Set this to 0, to
see more of the map on the radar in certain places.

cl_radar_icon_scale_min - Allowed values: 0.4 - 1 - Image
The lower the value for this command is, the smaller the dots on the radar
will be.

cl_radar_rotate - Allowed values: 0 / 1 - Image 1 - Image 2
When this is set to 1, which is the default value, the minimap in the radar
will spin when you turn around, so it will always show the direction your
looking at. When this is set to 0, the minimap is in a fixed position and
only your dot will move when you turn around.

cl_radar_scale - Allowed values: 0.25 - 1 - Image
The higher the value for this command is, the bigger the minimap in the
radar will be (not the radar itself!). I recommend a value of 0.5, because
0.25 is, in my view, too small on some maps.

cl_showloadout - Allowed values: 0 / 1 - Image 1 - Image 2
If you set this to 1, you will always see the all weapons and grenades you
currently have on the right side of your screen. When set to 0, you will
only see the equipment you own when switching weapons, it will then fade
out after a few seconds.

cl_loadout_colorweaponnames - Allowed values: 0 / 1
When set to 1, this command makes the text in the loadout on the right side
colored if you have a skin for a weapon.

cl_show_clan_in_death_notice - Allowed values: 0 / 1
If this is set to 0, clantags will be hidden in the deathnotice on the top
right. Default value is 1, which will show clantags.

safezonex & safezoney - Allowed values: 0.85 - 1
Changing this command will alter the position of your HUD. The default
value is 1 which means that the HUD is right at the edges of the screen /
window. The lower the value, closer the HUD is to the center of the screen.
safezonex = horizontal, safezoney = vertical. Many people like to use
safezonex 0.85 on a widescreen resolution, so you're able to see the health
and ammo more easily, that's all personal preference though.


And here we go with the volume and sensitivity stuff …

sensitivity - Allowed values: 0.0001 - 10000000
This sets the sensitivity of your mouse. The lower the value, the slower
your mouse movement. The default value is 6, try setting this to a lower
value, like 3 for the beginning. Your aiming WILL improve, trust me.

m_customaccel - Allowed values: 0 / ?
Before I even try to explain what this is and why it is good or bad, check
out this thread on the Steam Forums. There are various opinions about mouse
acceleration, you have to find your own. Unfortunately I wasn't able to
find any definitive information about what values can be used for this
command and what they do exactly. The default value is 3. 0 disables custom
mouse acceleration.

m_rawinput - Allowed values: 0 / 1
If you set this to 1, the game will ignore your windows sensitivity. I
recommend to use this setting, as you will only have one sensitivity
setting to care about then. Some people are reporting some problems when
using this command though, like input lag. This is one of those commands
where you just need to test around for a long time until you find the
values you feel most comfortable with. 

zoom_sensitivity_ratio_mouse - Allowed values: 0 - infinity
When you zoom in with an AWP, a Scout or one of the Autosniper weapons,
your sensitivity is multiplied with the value you entered for this command.
Setting this to 1, which is the default value, means you will use the same
sensitivity, setting this to 0.5 will lower sensitivity by 50% when zooming
in, setting it to 2 will increase the sensitivity by 200%. But there's one
exception: Setting this to 0 will make your sensitivity faster, so you need
the same mouse movement to aim from one point to another.

volume - Allowed values: 0 - 1 (decimal values!)
This is the overall game volume. 0 is off, 1 is the loudest. I use 0.08,
which is like volume 8 from 100.

snd_musicvolume - Allowed values: 0 - 1 (decimal values!)
The volume of the music ingame, like the roundstart, roundend and last
round sounds.

snd_legacy_surround - Allowed values: 0 / 1
Some people might suffer from soundproblems, depending on the hardware and
drivers you use. If you feel like something is wrong with your sound, just
try to set this to 1 and look, or rather hear, if it's fixed with that.

snd_mute_losefocus - Allowed values: 0 / 1
The default setting for this command is 1, which mutes the ingame sound
when you jump out of the game to your desktop. Setting this to 0 will
result in all game sound still being played while being tabbed out of the

windows_speaker_config - Allowed values: -1 / 1 / 3 / 4 / 6 
This setting impacts the Speaker configuration. When this is set to -1, the
game automatically picks the option. Other values are 1 for headset, 3 for
4 speakers, 4 for stereo speakers and 6 for 5.1 surround sound.

voice_enable - Allowed values: 0 / 1
Setting this to 0 will disable all microphone activities. You won't be able
to speak to other people on the server and you won't hear other people

lobby_voice_chat_enabled - Allowed values: 0 / 1
This command was added with the update on January 23rd, 2014. When set to
0, your microphone is always disabled in matchmaking lobbies after starting
the game and, who would've guessed, when set to 1, it is always enabled.


The viewmodel commands. I changed mine, except for the last 4 commands, to see as much of the map as possible. Keep in mind that you might need to relearn some grenades if you change these values! A side note for all commands below: You can use numbers with decimal places for all of them.

cl_bob_lower_amt - Allowed values: 5 - 30
This sets how much of your arms and weapon is visible when running. Set it
to 30 to have as less arm and weapon on your screen as possible. 

cl_bobamt_lat - Allowed values: 0.1 - 2
The higher the value for this command, the more your weapon bounces from
left to right when running. Set it to 0.1 to have as less bouncing as

cl_bobamt_vert - Allowed values: 0.1 - 2
The higher the value for this command, the more your weapon bounces up and
down when running. Set it to 0.1 to have as less bouncing as possible. Side
note: Set it to 2 and run for a good laugh, it looks ridiculously funny.

cl_bobcycle - Allowed values: 0.98 (forced)
There are still a lot of people who are using this command and who
recommend this command to others. This command used to make the scope move
less when running while zoomed in with any sniper rifle. However, with an
update in October of 2012, the value 0.98 is now forced unless the server
has sv_competitive_minspec set to 0, which probably isn't the case on many
community servers. If you find a server where it's not forced, you can use
values between 0.1 and 2 for this command.

cl_viewmodel_shift_left_amt - Allowed values: 0.5 - 2
When you do anything that will increase the accuracy, for example crouching
or simply stop running, you will notice, that your weapon will move a bit
to the left. With this command, you can define how much it'll move. The
lower the value, the less it will move.

cl_viewmodel_shift_right_amt - Allowed values: 0.25 - 2
When you do anything that will decrease the accuracy, for example jumping
or running, you will notice, that your weapon will move a bit to the right.
With this command, you can define how much it'll move. The lower the value,
the less it will move.

viewmodel_presetpos "0"
You need this command in your autoexec if you want the below commands to
work properly.

viewmodel_fov - Allowed values: 54 - 68
This command defines how much of your arms and weapon is visible overall.
The lower the value, the less arm and weapon visible. This also influences
the other commands above, so, for example, if you set cl_bob_lower_amt 30
but use viewmodel_fov 68, you will still have a lot of your arms and weapon
on the screen when running.
Side note: The default value for this command was 60 at one point, so if
you use an older config, you might still use viewmodel_fov 60. Keep this in
mind when changing the value regarding grenades.

viewmodel_offset_x - Allowed values: -2 - 2.5
viewmodel_offset_y - Allowed values: -2 - 2
viewmodel_offset_z - Allowed values: -2 - 2 
These 3 commands will change the angles of your arms and weapons. There
isn't really that much more to explain here. Different combinations of
these commands might make your viewmodels look really awkward. Just test it
a bit until you find something that suits you. Again: Keep in mind that you
might need to relearn some grenades, which is why I haven't changed these


The misc commands. Some of these are actually very useful, so take a look at them. I just listed these as misc, as it wouldn’t make any sense to put them all in it’s own category.

cl_autohelp - Allowed values: 0 / 1
Setting this to 0 will disable some of the hints at the bottom, like
"Switched to burst fire mode" and such.

cl_autowepswitch - Allowed values: 0 / 1
If you set this to 1, picked up weapons will be automatically equipped, as
long as they're better. For example, if you only have a pistol and there's
an AK/M4 on the ground and you run over it, the picked up weapon will be in
your hands. This does not work vice versa, so a pistol will not be
automatically equipped while holding an AK/M4. If set to 0, you will still
pick up the weapon, but it'll go to your inventory, it won't be equipped

With this command you can set your Clantag or Team Tag, as Valve calls it.
If you are an Owner, Officer or Moderator of the group you want to use, you
can find out the ID by editing your group profile, the group-ID will be
right at the top of that page. If you don't have moderation or higher
permissions in the group, kindly ask the owner of the group to give it to
you or look it up in your config.cfg, once you set it through the ingame

cl_disablefreezecam - Allowed values: 0 / 1
Setting this to 1 will disable the "Save this moment" freezed picture after
you get killed. This is pretty useful, as you'll be able to see what
happens around your body for a short time after you got killed. With this,
you can often see and tell your team where the enemy is going.

cl_disablehtmlmotd - Allowed values: 0 / 1
Pretty simple, this disables the MOTD (Message of the Day) that is shown to
you, when you connect to a server. Flash (e.g. a Youtube-Video) in the MOTD
is a known cause to crash the game sometimes, so I recommend using this

cl_downloadfilter - Allowed values: all / nosounds / none
When set to "all", the game will download all custom content like maps,
sounds, skins and models from servers you connect to. Setting it to
"nosounds" will obviously disable sounds being downloaded. The "none"
setting will disable all custom content being downloaded. I do not
recommend the "none" setting, as this can give you problems when playing
custom gamemodes.

cl_forcepreload - Allowed values: 0 / 1
If you sexperiencing small lags or fps drops when running over the map,
this command can help you, but it can also make your performance worse,
depending on how powerful your computer is. If set to 1, the whole map is
loaded into the cache. Connecting to the server might take a few seconds
longer than usual, but if it gives you a better performance, I would use
the command.

cl_freezecameffects_showholiday - Allowed values: 0 / 1
During the Holidays, there is a special "Seasons Greetings" freezecam
effect when being killed. It's a nice touch, but sometimes this effect bugs
and stays on the screen until being killed the next time. Sometimes you
even need to restart your game for it to go away. Set this command to 0 to
disable the effect.
Note: This command will probably become useless when the effect is removed
in a future update.

cl_resend - Allowed values: 1.5 - 20
cl_resend_timeout - Allowed values: 1.5 - 20000
Everybody has probably seen the "Connection failed after 10 retries." popup
when trying to connect to a server or GOTV. By default, the game sends a
new connection request to the server every 6 seconds (defined by cl_resend)
for a maximum timeframe of 60 seconds (defined by cl_resend_timeout), which
results in the game trying to connect to the server 10 times before giving
you that nice popup. You can change these two commands to speed up the
process. I recommend setting cl_resend to 3 and cl_resend_timeout to 9,
meaning the game will try to connect to a server every 3 seconds for 3

cl_righthand - Allowed values: 0 / 1
Setting this to 0 will result in weapons being shown on the left side of
your screen, while weapons showing on the right side requires it to be set
to 1, which is also the default setting.

cl_scoreboard_mouse_enable_binding [action]
With this command, you can define a key or mouse button, that enables the
cursor on the new scoreboard, that was added in an update on March 26th,
2014. Please note that you do not put the name of a key behind that
command, instead you have to use the action as a value, like +jump,
+crouch or the default +attack2.

cl_showpluginmessages - Allowed values: 0 / 1
If you set this to 0, server-side plugins won't be able to show messages to
you anymore (e.g. a popup when you type rank).

cl_spec_mode - Allowed values: 4 / 5
So, for whatever reason, this command has a default value of 0, resulting
in your game going to thirdperson or firstperson view randomly after you're
dead (as long as the server allows thirdperson view). Setting this to 4
results in the game always spectating the first player after you're dead
from the firstperson view, while setting it to 5 results in always
spectating the player from the thirdperson view (as long as the server
allows thirdperson view).

cl_teammate_colors_show - Allowed values: 0 / 1 / 2
This command was added on February 5th, 2014 and changed on February 20,
2014. When set to 1, which is the default setting, teammates will be shown
in different colors on the radar, so you know which teammate is near you
(or not). You can also set this to 2 to show additional letters on the
radar and HUD. Set this to 0 to disable the different colors and revert to
the old behaviour.

cl_color - Allowed values: 0 / 1 / 2 / 3 / 4
Let's you set your preferred color for the above feature. 0 = yellow,
1 = purple, 2 = green, 3 = blue, 4 = orange.

cl_use_opens_buy_menu - Allowed values: 0 / 1
This command was added in an game update on December 23rd, 2013 and pretty
much explains itself. By default, the +use key (E key if you use the
default binds) also opens the buymenu, set this command to 0 to disable
this behaviour.

closeonbuy - Allowed values: 0 / 1
If you set this to 1, the Buymenu will be closed automatically after every
item you buy without you having to press 0 or escape.

con_filter_text damage
con_filter_enable - Allowed values: 1 / 2 - Image 1 - Image 2
I discovered these nice commands on reddit a while ago. You need to have
con_filter_text damage set and then you can decide between
con_filter_enable 1 or 2. Setting it to 1 will not print anything but
damage reports to the console while setting it to 2 will still post all
kinds of errors in the console, but damage reports are highlighted. The
second option is the better one in my view. I can't believe I didn't know
about this earlier.

developer 1
con_filter_text_out "Player:" - Image
This is an addition to the two commands above. If you also put these two
commands in your autoexec, your game will be run in developer mode, which
you won't really notice apart from the little text in the top left corner,
and any line in the console starting with "Player:" will be hidden. This
results in a clear damage output in the top left corner after you die.

gameinstructor_enable - Allowed values: 0 / 1
Setting this to 0 will disable the annoying popup's like "Press E to plant
the bomb", "Press B to open the buymenu" and such.

hud_showtargetid - Allowed values: 0 / 1
If you set this to 0, you won't see names and health displays popping up
over enemies or teammates any more. Additionally, when you are using
cl_crosshairstyle 0 or 1, the crosshair won't change it's appearance
anymore, so it won't become red when aiming at enemies and there won't be
an X in the crosshair when aiming at teammates.

mat_monitorgamma - Allowed values: 1.6 - 2.6
This sets the brightness of your game. The smaller the number the brighter
your game will be. This command only takes effect, if you don't play the
game in windowed mode!

mm_dedicated_search_maxping - Allowed values: 50 - 350
When you are searching for a matchmaking game, the game will only connect
you to a server, where your ping isn't higher as the value you entered for
this command. Please note that this command WILL NOT prevent other people
with a high ping joining your games!

option_duck_method - Allowed values: 0 / 1
Setting this to 1 will enable toggleing for your duck key, meaning you
don't need to press it the whole time when you want to duck. Instead you
just press it once and you will duck until you press the key again. 

option_speed_method - Allowed values: 0 / 1
Setting this to 1 will enable toggleing for your walk key, meaning you
don't need to press it the whole time when you want to walk. Instead you
just press it once and you will walk until you press the key again.

player_nevershow_communityservermessage - Allowed values: 0 / 1
If you set this to one, the popup when browsing community servers won't
show up anymore. I don't know if this bug still exists, but when Valve
added the "never show again"-Link to that popup, there was a bug that even
if you clicked that link, the popup would still show up the next time.
Adding this to your autoexec will prevent the bug from happening.

r_drawtracers_firstperson - Allowed values: 0 / 1
Setting this to 0 will disable the "white lines", called tracer, you see,
when shooting your weapons. This will NOT disable the tracers you see when
enemies are shooting.

Allowed values: bottomright / topright / bottomleft / topleft
This defines, where popups from the Steamcommunity are shown, e.g. when
somebody sends you a chat message von Steam.

echo "TEXT"
You can use this to show text on your console, e.g. echo "autoexec
successfully loaded". Right now, with all the console spam when the
workshop maps are checked at the beginning, you unfortunately won't see
much of this, unless you have con_filter_enable set to 1.


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    Yeah, there is actually a command missing, I just noticed that recently, unfortunately I was pretty busy the last few weeks, so no time to update the guide.

    Long story short: You need to add viewmodel_presetpos 0 to your autoexec for your custom viewmodel settings to work.

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    Kami19o4 says:

    Sorry for the late reply.

    No, AFAIK that isn’t prossible with an echo. The only kind of workaround is to bind the command on a key. In your case that would simply be ‘bind key voice_scale’. However, that only works when you are connected to a server tho and not on the main menu. When you press the key, you can check the console after to see what value it is set to.

  11. 11
    Matte says:

    You don’t actually have to set viewmodel_presetpos to make the viewmodel_offset_? cvars work, you just have to not set viewmodel_presetpos after setting the offsetts. All viewmodel_presetpos does is change all the viewmodel offsets to match one of three presets when you set presetpos to 1, 2 or 3. Setting viewmodel_presetpos to 0 does nothing at all.

  12. 12
    Kask says:

    Is there a pastebin of all this somewhere that I can edit? Seems like a hassle to adjust each individually.

  13. 13
    Taro_Bro says:

    Thanks for the help with the autoexec i love it, but i dont like my new console system i dont wanna see that information is spam for me. Can u help me pls

  14. 14
    Scrumptious says:

    I need some help with the autoexec! I made one and it kept minimizing the buy menu after I bought one Item then I tried deleting the exec and nothing changed all the custom features were still there whats wrong?

  15. 15
    Kami19o4 says:

    Sorry again for the late reply.

    @Matte: Without viewmodel_presetpos 0 in my autoexec, the other cvars didn’t work, same result for anybody else I talked to.

    @Kask: Check this page ->

    @Taro_Bro: What new console system do you mean? What spam?

    @Scrumptious: Set the command “closeonbuy” to 0.

  16. 16
    Steve says:

    cl_hud_playercount_showcount “1” may be the best command ever.

  17. 17
    Antonio says:

    Best CVAR list EVER, the explanation, the care, thanks.

  18. 18
    Furby says:

    is there a way to make the echo message coloured?
    To make the “Succsesfully Loaded” Text red or anything like this?

  19. 19
    Shunto says:

    Hey, do you know know the command for Options / Audio / “Play Audio When Game In Background”

    This option keeps toggling when I restart the game

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