csgohelp.com is coming to an end

Hey there,

I don’t want to say too much stuff … As some people might have noticed before reading this, some stuff has changed on the website and the social media pages. I deleted all posts and many pages, deactivated the contact form and comments on the remaining pages, deactivated the Facebook page and deleted the steam group. Only the most viewed pages that don’t need any updating are left until the website will go offline sometime later this year, around October I think.

With the growth in the scene, 99Damage needs more and more of my time and together with my personal life, there is no time for a project like csgohelp.com left. Updating the website became a pain in the ass quite a while ago and also I just simply lost a lot of interest in running this project.

Thanks to everyone who supported me and the website, but all things have to come to an end at some point and the end for CS:GO Help is now. See ya around.

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VACcening.com back online!

VACcening.com is a website, that was created about two and a half months ago by Fabian “SVAR7BERG” Heinrich. Unfortunately it has been offline for the past 2 or 3 weeks, but now 99Damage’s and CSGOHelp’s very own staff member Sascha ‘Smatify’ Kröning has taken over the website and it is finally back online!

There is probably no one who has ever played Matchmaking or PUG’s in ESEA, CEVO, FACEIT, etc., who has never thought “That guy is a freakin’ cheater!” when it comes to one of their opponents. With VACcening.com you have the possibility to watch if one of those guys gets kicked right in the balls by VAC. VAC is Valves very own serverside anti-cheat, that will eventually ban cheaters once their cheat gets detected.

Once you logged in via the Steam Web API on the website (don’t worry, nobody will get your password or email adress), you can create a list of accounts you want to watch. Due to some upcoming code changes, you have to reload the status of a account youself at the moment, but that will change in the near future and all accounts on the watchlists will be checked automatically every X hours. Due to some more code and database optimizations, that will help the website run much smoother in the future, all watchlists, that were created before the site came back online, unfortunately had to be deleted.

The next time you suspect a cheater, add him to your personal watchlist and see, if your assumption was correct or if “that guy” maybe was just better that day. There will be a lot of updates in the furtue, so keep you eyes on VACcening.com, CSGOHelp.com and join the official Steam group of VACcening.com, where you will be informed about major updates.

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